Smaksked Skåne AB

Brand & Concept Smaksked ® The company Smaksked Skåne AB develops and manufactures universal, high quality products and solutions to complement food, pharma and healthcare sector. “Feel Good Products” in ergonomic design!

The brand Smaksked® – Sweden Spoon™ was initiated in beginning of January 2007 and Smaksked Skåne AB was registrated 2008. Eva Frid, Yngsjö, Sweden, is owner of Brand & Concept Smaksked ® / Smaksked Skåne AB. The focus is on single product Smaksked® Skåne, an universal, ergonomic, smooth spoon-bowl with a function for all individuals represented. Easy to grip, smooth for children and disabled. OTC and ready-to-market product for multiple use. Product is approved, registrated and upgraded according to new regulations (EU) on medical devices. Swedish Medical Products Agency, MDR, class 1 Certified (CE) materials and certified (CE) high quality productions / industries with cleanrooms. Today production within EU (west).

Smaksked Skåne AB
Yngsjövägen 1151-18
296 92
VAT-nummer: SE556761593401